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Visionary Partners

Planned with the support, input and belief of bold leaders from Gwinnett County, the state of Georgia and institutes of higher learning invested in meeting the future needs of those they serve.

A Knowledge Community

A collaborative space including a combination of offices, research facilities, public spaces and residences that fosters knowledge sharing among entrepreneurs, Fortune 1000 companies and researchers from more than 50 nearby research institutions, serving as a platform to spark scientific advancement and transformative discoveries.

Economic Vitality

A global destination at the center of three MSAs that produce 75,000+ college graduates and $405 billion in GDP annually, where 18,500 jobs generated by 2035 and up to 100,000 jobs created at full build-out will contribute billions to the region’s economy.

Purpose-Driven Real Estate

An accessible, networked community anchored by three programmatic drivers: medical, environmental and agricultural — each based on the land’s history and has the power to impact populations and lives around the world.

Inspired Life

A walkable community that serves the cultural as much as the scientific, where diverse residents, researchers, entrepreneurs and visitors will live, work, learn and explore.

Environmental Stewardship

A campus where natural beauty is woven into life and design to form an unforgettable sense of place, developed and operated with sustainable, zero-emission strategies that set new global best practices.

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Nearly 2,000 acres of natural beauty at the heart of Atlanta, Athens and Gainesville.

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