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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How did this project come about?

    For years, Gwinnett County had been seeking a significant opportunity to bend the trend in eastern Gwinnett.  We engaged a group of consultants to help us develop a plan and secure land, and they were able to do so while developing the concept of a “knowledge community” – a vast green space to cultivate the entrepreneurial intersection of business and innovation, which will include a combination of offices, research facilities, public spaces and residences. It will offer unique opportunities that are rooted in science, informed by history and anchored by the natural resources found in the Georgia Piedmont.

    The Knowledge Community is a reimagination and reinvention of the traditional office and research environment, and Rowen will embrace the best in design practices to create an innovation district that remains true to the natural beauty of the environment while also incorporating elements of multi-use development throughout to create an authentic sense of place.

    While there is space on site for hundreds of huge buildings, the independent foundation that will manage the property intends to take a very different approach, incorporating nature and preserving the beauty of the land within the design of the space. The result will be a place where 100-year-old oak trees will inspire 25-year-old innovators. Where young mothers can take children to engage with nature and walk on pristine wooded paths. Where Fortune 100 CEOs can make critical investments in the future. Where a child born in Dacula in 2010 can hope to return after receiving a top-tier education in Georgia or beyond. Where nature inspires connection and collaboration among dreamers and thinkers.

    Who is leading this project?

    The venture will be managed by an independent foundation which will ensure the long-term vision of the property is never sacrificed for short-term gain. This foundation will partner with Gwinnett County to fund land acquisition, the design and installation of needed improvements, and the curation of valuable public and private partnerships. 

    What is the timeline for the project?

    Currently in the planning and partnerships phase, activity is slated to begin in Q4 2020 with construction of initial infrastructure starting in the next 12-24 months. We are not building a typical multi-use development or office park; rather we are carefully cultivating a living community that is highly collaborative, inspiring, and accessible. With a 30year projected full build-out, this community will be in a constant state of becoming, evolving in response to the needs of our societies and citizens. 

    Why this location?

    Easy to access from across the state, this project is located in the heart of three of the most vibrant metropolitan statistical areas in the Southeast and equidistant from several state research hubs. Along with its access to the nation’s most educated work force, this location will allow for unprecedented knowledge sharing.

    How did this project get its name?

    Rowen alludes to the second harvest or a second cutting of hay, which is metaphorically what will happen on this site. The land has been cultivated for centuries to provide sustenance for those who live there and the community around them, and this “second harvest” on the site will bring forth ideas and innovations that will drive a new economy for generations to come.

    How can I build here, locate a business here, or get involved?

    Please fill out our contact form and we will look forward to exploring your needs and interests.

    What type of research are we talking about doing here?

    The project will bring together various elements of research with a particular emphasis being put on agricultural, environmental and medical research.

    What kind of businesses will come?

    The vision for the project is one of a dynamic, convergent space that encourages businesses of all types to invest, grow and thrive. We anticipate most businesses to be knowledge based and rooted in research and discovery, particularly with roots in the medical, agricultural and environmental fields.  We do not anticipate heavy manufacturing at the site.

    What is the projected economic impact of this new innovation district?

    According to a preliminary economic impact analysis conducted in March 2020, Rowen will generate an estimated 18,500 jobs by 2035. Being planned and built with a long-term view, Rowen is estimated to bring 100,000 jobs to the Georgia economy, generating to $8-10 billion in ongoing labor income annually at full build-out.

    Will the public be able to access this space for their own personal use?

    Yes. This will be a resource for the entire community. The project’s vision is that of a place that blends the beauty of the natural environment with innovative design that will welcome visitors to gathering spaces for arts, learning and entertainment.

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