Our Mission

To be a catalyst for education, research, innovation and transformation through the creation of a global destination which recognizes stewardship of the land as the cornerstone of an inspired community.

Building on a Legacy of Stewardship

Rowen means “second harvest.” Established on land that has been carefully stewarded for generations by local families, Rowen will be programmed in a way that remains true to the families’ connections to agriculture, medicine and natural environment. The Rowen Foundation has created a framework for all planning, design and placemaking associated with the development of Rowen. View the Design Guidelines here. For Phase I construction updates, please visit our news page here.

Primed for the Global Stage

The result is a reimagination of the traditional mixed-use, office and research environment that will change the economic and social trajectory of Georgia, the nation and with time, the world.

The Rowen Foundation

We are the independent, mission-driven, not-for-profit entity leading the planning and visioning of Rowen, responsible for project leadership and operations to ensure the long-term vision for Rowen is never compromised.

Visit this page to learn more about the Rowen Foundation Board of Directors.

Our vision is not possible without our partners.

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