With a $6.9 billion buildout on fully entitled, accessible land, Rowen exemplifies why Georgia is the nation’s “Best State to Do Business.”


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Innovation of the Future

Onsite activities located at Rowen must drive innovation. Rowen is the ideal location for corporate headquarters aspiring to collaborate with the talent of tomorrow. Additional acceptable onsite operations could include:

  • research and development;
  • product piloting and testing;
  • enabling technology research and production;
  • higher education collaborations;
  • technology commercialization and VC;
  • training and discovery;
  • and lab facilities.

Rowen will not include heavy manufacturing or heavy logistics sites.

Bringing Phase 1 to Life

Slated for completion in Q1 2024, Phase 1 of infrastructure development will open the first 800 acres of scalable real estate. For Phase I construction updates, please visit our news page.

Rowen can accommodate various campus requirements, offering mixed-use, medium and low-density parcels. Tenants can explore flexible deal structures, including land sales, ground leases, and joint ventures to make their home at Rowen the best fit possible. Sites became available in Q1 2023. 

The site will be anchored by the Rowen Village, a vibrant space with a mix of offices, multi-family residential, community spaces, restaurants and the arts.

People, Ideas and Inspiration

Located in Atlanta‘s metropolitan core, Rowen has easy access to the unique and diverse talent pools of Gwinnett County, Atlanta and Athens.

Rowen will create an estimated 80,000 jobs at full buildout, advancing innovation across agriculture, medicine and the environment — including many industry enabling technologies such as: energy, technology, pharmaceuticals, robotics, life sciences and AI.

Roads and a dedicated trail network will connect employees and visitors to the many amenities of Rowen.

Responsible Stewardship

The Rowen Foundation serves as the committed steward of the Rowen mission, diverse partnerships and expansive real estate holdings. Through careful evaluation of the land’s history and environmental features, the Foundation created a framework for all planning, design and placemaking associated with the development of Rowen. View the Design Guidelines here.

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