Public Notice

Commonly Asked Construction Questions

October 2023


How long will construction of Rowen’s Phase 1 Roadway take? 

Rowen’s Phase 1 Roadway construction began in February 2023 with construction teams mobilizing on site. The North/South and East/West Roadway corridors are being phased and have different construction timelines. The East/West alignment is expected to be delivered in  Q2 of 2024, and the North/South alignment is estimated to be completed in Q4 2024. From start to finish, Phase 1 is expected to last roughly 20 months. Please note, these dates are estimates and may change as construction on site continues. 

How has the Foundation communicated with the public about construction? 

For general construction updates, the Foundation’s communications team has shared updates to the Rowen website, e-newsletters, and social media platforms. For construction work that has been proximate to neighbors adjacent to the contraction activity, the Foundation has made direct outreach a priority and implemented a multi-pronged approach to ensure neighbors were apprised and safe.  

What roads are closed/impacted by construction currently? 

Gwinnett County and Rowen have created a road closure plan that keeps surrounding residents safe from ongoing construction activities, identifies detours for affected residents and provides access to on-site residents, Rowen leadership, and construction members as needed. Below is a list of road closures that detail the impacted roads and a map of the closures.  

  • Permanent road closures that have taken effect include:  
    • Drowning Creek Rd. From Tanner Rd. To Old Freeman Mill Rd.  
    • Old Freeman Mill Road for approximately 1.3 miles, from Turkey Crossing to just north of Mobley Drive.  
    • Mobley Drive is closed from Old Freeman Mill Rd to just east of the Flintlock Drive and Mobley Drive intersection 
  • To accommodate interruptions to residents’ day-to-day commutes, Gwinnett County has identified two detours: 
    • Highway 316 to Lawrence Road, by way of Harbins Circle  SE 
    • Highway 316 to Tanner Road by way of Harbins Road 

Where can I find updates on construction at the site? 

Updates will be shared on the Rowen website’s News page and the monthly e-newsletter.