Reflecting on a Remarkable Year


We are so grateful to the community of people who have supported the Rowen vision in countless ways. Your shared commitment to the convergence of ideas, economic vitality and advancements in agriculture, medicine and the environment has been the fuel for progress made in 2023. 

We are finishing out 2023 by celebrating the advancements made on-site at Rowen since breaking ground last December. We are excited to continue carrying this momentum into 2024 as Georgia’s largest knowledge community comes to life.

Construction Progress Update

Our construction endeavors on site have been transformative. From groundbreaking at the end of 2022 to initial landscaping of the first road within Rowen, our partners have created a strong foundation for Rowen’s infrastructure. Here are some highlights:

  • Spring: Completed clearing and grubbing work, installed permanent erosion control and began storm sewer pipe installation along the East-West corridor.
  • Summer: Completed installation of the sanitary sewer line along the East-West corridor. Began clearing and grubbing and storm drain installation along the North-South corridor.
  • Fall: Water main on the Rowen site completed and tested along the East-West corridor.
  • Winter: Current work on both corridors includes storm drainage installation and telecommunications conduit installation.

Partnership Wins

Collaboration is at the heart of our success, and 2023 brought us meaningful partnerships that have strengthened the Rowen Foundation and our mission to serve the state. Here are just a few noteworthy collaborations:

Welcomed new members to the Rowen Foundation Board of Directors

Collaborated with partners on impactful events, including: 

Amplified the Rowen Foundation’s mission through awards, speaking engagements and media wins

Setting Our Sights on 2024

Our vision is set on the future. We are excited to share where we are headed for 2024:

  • Anticipated Completion of the Phase 1 Roadway: Rowen’s Phase 1 Roadway is expected to be fully completed in Q4 2024!
  • Annual Rowen Convergence Summit – Q2 2024: The Foundation looks forward to gathering diverse industry leaders, investors, researchers, and innovators from key industry sectors to elevate the importance of cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing at our annual Convergence Summit. More details to come in 2024.
  • Living Lab Initiatives: Rowen will be collaborating with Georgia universities, colleges, and others on creative projects allowing for experiential learning for students, faculty and industry partners.
  • Industry Engagement: In partnership with local and state economic development leaders, Rowen will be engaging industry partners to join us on site.

Thank you for being part of Rowen’s 2023 story. We look forward to sharing more exciting updates with you in the coming year. Stay tuned through the Rowen website, “What’s Growing at Rowen” newsletter and our social media pages (LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Facebook and Instagram).